M M & M’s 100 from the noughties – 2007

I started this blog in February 2007 so most of these have been mentioned before.

BURIAL – Untrue (Hyperdub)
It’s raining. You’re a little drunk, and the reverberations of the music from the club are still bouncing around your head. There’s a light ringing in your ears, and there’s a regret in your heart for the girl you were dancing with and talking to who then melted away into the crowd. You don’t really know this part of town and just want to get home.

GAVIN BRYARS / PHILIP JECK / ALTER EGO – The Sinking of the Titanic (Touch Tones)
This live Italian performance of Bryars’s masterpiece runs to nearly three times the length of the original recording, but doesn’t feel stretched or overlong at all. Jeck’s turntable static intro and outros frame the music, seemingly taking it back to a time of wind-up Victrolas and heavy shellac.

MURCOF – Cosmos (Leaf)
Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space….

NATIONAL – Boxer (Beggars Banquet)
Proving that the four minute rock song still has the capacity to hit all the right spots.

BJ NILSEN – the Short Night (Touch)
As elemental as the weather itself, a meteorological masterwork.

PAN SONIC – Katodivaihe / Cathodephase (Blast First Petite)
Possibly the duo’s most sonically extreme record to date – ranging from sonic booms to barely audible UHF and ghostly echoes to the rage of the blast furnace.

RADIOHEAD – In Rainbows (XL)
Subject of 3.2 billion column inches of piffle about the ‘end of the music industry as we know it’ when it came out which overlooked what a great record it was and is.

SHINING – Grindstone (Rune Grammofon)
A turbulent, exciting ride through jazz-prog-metal and even snatches of grand opera. That might sound ghastly on paper, but Grindstone has teeth and claws.

STARS OF THE LID – And the Refinement of Their Decline (Kranky)
The duo’s masterpiece. Two hours of drone based atmospheres and melancholy melodies slowly unwinding.

SUPERSILENT – 8 (Rune Grammofon)
Another hour or so of edited improvisations by the masters of the genre, filled with exceptional moments.


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