Vic Chesnutt 1964-2009

Depressing news. He was a truly unique artist. It’s also a damning indictment of an American health system which is well nigh barbaric.

Full story here.

Perhaps not an appropriate song given the circumstances, but a perfect example of his passion and black humour.

I first came across Vic when he supported Kristin Hersh on her Hips and Makers tour. I saw a few shows on that tour. The first night in Warrington I didn’t really get it, but after that I was swiftly converted. His shambolic, impish stage presence belied songs that were full of rage and mordant humour. I bought all the Texas Hotel albums after that, and saw him live many times over the years – the last at Primavera in Barcelona a few years back. He’d lost none of the power to make you laugh and despair in equal measure, often at the same time.

Ironically, in recent years he’d found a label in Constellation that totally understood and supported him which resulted in some of his very best work.


One response to “Vic Chesnutt 1964-2009

  1. I never actually got round to listening to his music, but that video is quite incredible. Reading that article I can’t help but feel a disgusted at his treatment. We take things for granted here, but there must be thousands in his situation in the US.

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