EP: WE ARE BRIGHT AND BROKEN – We Are Bright and Broken (Panda Fuzz 2009)

As minimal as the sleeve art, We Are Bright and Broken’s self-titled EP contains two tracks created by Joe Houpert using a guitar, a sine generator and a ring modulator. “With Broken Heart and Sharp Mind” consists of a gentle, plucked note, looped ad infinitum with some seriously low bass tones hovering below at the sort of frequencies you can feel more than hear.

Whilst that track’s effect is more physical, “This, Our Good Stone Mother”, has a gorgeous looped guitar melody redolent of some of William Basinski’s most melancholy piano loops. It gradually fades into a ringing coda that itself drifts into silence and elicits a far more emotional reaction from the listener than its twin.

The two tracks are available to download for free from Panda Fuzz.

1 With Broken Heart and Sharp Mind 7:22
2 This, Our Good Stone Mother 7:28



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