EP: 10-20 – Lake (Highpoint Lowlife 2009)

The second of 10-20’s Landforms quadrilogy of EPs sneaked out just before Christmas. Lake is a more succinct and tightly edited proposition than the more expansive Island, with all four tracks clocking in at around the four minute mark. Ed Davenport’s trademark rhythms are present and correct, with the staccato stutter of Autechre, swathed in cobwebs and the creaks and hiss of old machinery. Where Autechre’s beats are gleaming polished chrome and glistening quicksilver, 10-20s are creaky and leaky, like faithful old engines.

The melodies are equally cracked and wheezy, almost like the shadows of a time-ravished beauty where the glow of youth has long faded but the dignity and character remain undiminished. “Overloam’d” has the blips and pulses over battered arcade machines and a simple melodic loop. “Endzone” runs on a squelchy clockwork rhythm, while Boat creaks like a rusty old tub. Oddly, the latter is the most club-friendly of the quartet with a bass groove that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Gas record. The shredded melodies of Golgotha give it an introspective and plaintive feel. It’s a downbeat way to end an EP that shows no sign that the Davenport idea factory is in anything but very rude health.

1 Overloam’d 4:22
2 Endzone 3:44
3 Boat 4:15
4 Golgotha 4:17



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