EP: REMORA – Guitar Antihero (Silber 2009)

This 25 minute freebie by Remora aka Brian John Mitchell consists of a single piece recorded live in May 2009. For this performance, four guitars and a bass were amped up and placed around the stage to pick up vibrations from the main guitar / effects / amp set up that Mitchell was using. The result is a background of harsh drone and feedback, with frequencies sometimes hitting seriously uncomfortable squeal. Rather than thrash about on his instrument, Mitchell plays it softly, almost absent-mindedly, teasing small plucked melodies and gentle strums out of it, and letting the power of electricity and vibration do the rest. The result is something that is both fiercely loud, but also quite serene. Obviously, the recording struggles to reproduce the effect that this piece had live, especially if played at a sane volume. Even so, it’s an interesting work, and certainly makes me want to experience Remora live. Barry Esson, get on the case for Instal 10!

1. Guitar Antihero 25:41



3 responses to “EP: REMORA – Guitar Antihero (Silber 2009)

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    No, me neither

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