EPs: RONY AND SUZY – Others Are Us; EINÓMA – Tvenna (Lamadameaveclechien 2009)

Belgian label Lamadameaveclechien (The lady with the dog) is new to me, but judging from these two EPs, it has a bright future ahead of it. Rony and Suzy and Einóma come to dubstep from very different directions, and show completely contrasting approaches to the form. What they share is a restless, unsettling quest for creating something new.

Rony and Suzy are brothers Nicolas and Thomas Giets from Belgium. The five tracks on their EP follow a pattern of stuttering beats, deep bass and heavy, claustrophobic dub that lies somewhere between the pummelling body music of Techno Animal and the queasy vertigo of Vex’d. A couple of the tunes are almost straight dub-noir, but the tottering paranoia of “Rouge” is both viscous and vicious. Closing “Noir” is as good, with disembodied voice samples and disembowelled bass hiss.

Einóma are also a duo – Bjarni Þór Gunnarsson and Steindór Grétar Kristinsson from Iceland – and one with a long track record, including two early noughties albums for UK label Vertical Form. Tvenna has just two cuts, but both exceed the ten minute mark. This is a duo whose background is in largely beatless, dark ambient soundscapes, but here the beats are dense and dominant, cutting a bass groove through their cold and stark atmospheres. At times the intensity increases and becomes almost overwhelming, but there is always a release before the darkness consumes itself. It’s kinda like GAS goes dubstep with the beats totally fucked and turned up to 11.

Both these EPs are released as insanely limited twelves with runs of 333 copies each. Hopefully, they’ll be more widely available in some form or another in the future.

Others Are Us
A1 Rouge 3:53
A2 Moqdah 4:20
A3 Wolfsdub 4:20
B1 Tandoori 4:32
B2 Noir 4:23

A Minióma 11:05
B Stepoma 10:14



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