The Week #2

Last post before I disappear down to the old country for a week. Been listening almost exclusively to Silver Mt Zion and Massive Attack over the last couple of days, but at the moment I’m listening to the new Peter Gabriel covers album Scratch My Back which is up for streaming at the Guardian’s website. I’ve not listened to his music for absolutely yonks, but I’ve always had a soft spot for him. In fact the first gig I ever went to (probably before some of you lot were born) was Gabriel at the Hammersmith Odeon at the time his second solo album came out. Anyway, it’s downbeat stuff – just piano and orchestra accompaniment on some radically reworked covers. I’m enjoying it actually – apparently “Street Spirit” is soooo depressing, but not got there yet – best thing so far is a really intense version of Arcade Fire’s “My Body Is A Cage”.

A couple of things I meant to review before I disappeared included the Erik XVI remixes project, Versioner, on Highpoint Lowlife. I reviewed the original EP back in September. The new version includes four radical reworkings of “Unionens sista dagar”, only one of which features the central melodic theme with any prominence. Brassica’s version is practically a new track, and both Hot City and TVO stretch it out into a couple of epic tech-house floorfillers. Also worth mentioning is Gravious’s dirty and dark stepper reinterpretation of “Gravitationskraftens stilla vrede” – it has real bass boots.

Terrific piece of writing about the new Gil Scott-Heron LP by Marx’s Beard here.

When I get back from down south, I’ll be working on my quiz questions for the Oxfam Book Quiz. And no, I can’t be bribed – I’m incorruptible, me!

Jeez – Gabriel’s version of “Street Spirit” really is fucking depressing! I’m liking this album a lot. It’s not going to break the ice at any parties, but by and large it works very well. Dunno how long the Guardian will be streaming it for, but I’d recommend a listen. Nearly time for Mad Men, so I’m off. Till next week, then.


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