UK Music Magazine Circulation Figures (to Dec 2009)

While I was away, the ABC circulation figures of UK (and Irish) magazines were published. At first glance it seems more of the same, with widespread decline, but the freefall of Kerrang!, NME and Uncut has at least been arrested somewhat even if the trend is still downward. Percentage wise, the biggest falls were for three magazines that only post their figures annually rather than every six months. Double digit dips for Terrorizer, Mixmag and the Word (which has shed nearly a quarter of its readers in a year!). But Metal Hammer has also taken a bit of a pasting.

The ‘grown-up’ mags are doing better, with Classic Rock continuing to buck the trend and Mojo also posting a modest increase (and now outselling Q). Q doesn’t seem to be aimed at any particular kind of music fan, but then was it ever? It seems to be boring the pants off its readership anyway and sits at well under half of what it was a decade ago.

I’ve included all three classical music magazines which seem to be gracefully slipping away as their readers die off. And also the main film mags which generally appear to be a picture of stability.

The latest figures are in bold, with the previously posted figures in brackets. An asterisk marks those titles who publish circulation annually, so the comparisons with the biannual posters should be taken against the second bracketed figure to get a full year on year picture.

The Wire is missing because they don’t post figures through ABC, and the same goes for some other specialist mags.

BBC Music 42,810 (45,144)*
Classic FM 32,534 (35,751)*
Classic Rock 71,242 (70,301 / 70,188)
Computer Music 17,427 (18,261)*
Future Music 10,862 (10,860)*
Gramophone 32,313 (34,628)*
Hot Press 18,394 (19,387)*
Kerrang! 41,125 (43,253 / 52,272)
Metal Hammer 41,777 (46,004 / 50,269)
Mixmag 26,116 (30,159)*
Mojo 98,484 (97,722 / 100,507)
NME 38,486 (40,948 / 48,459)
Q 94,811 (100,172 / 103,107)
Terrorizer 11,641 (13,786)*
Top of the Pops 107,576 (119,739)*
Uncut 75,518 (76,526 / 87,069)
Word 26,555 (34,280)*

Empire 194,236 (194,016)
Sight and Sound 19,842 (19,733)*
Total Film 81,029 (85,031)


One response to “UK Music Magazine Circulation Figures (to Dec 2009)

  1. Thought I’d add the year-on-year percentage changes

    BBC Music -5.2%
    Classic FM -8.9%
    Classic Rock +1.5%
    Computer Music -4.5%
    Future Music +0.0%
    Gramophone -6.7%
    Hot Press -5.1%
    Kerrang! -21.3%
    Metal Hammer -16.9%
    Mixmag -13.4%
    Mojo -2.0%
    NME -20.6%
    Q -8.0%
    Terrorizer -15.6%
    Top of the Pops -10.2%
    Uncut -13.3%
    Word -22.5%
    Empire +0.1%
    Sight and Sound +0.6%
    Total Film -4.7%

    Don’t look too clever do they

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