The Week #5

aka the week I disappeared.

Not been anywhere, just needed a break from blogging and some ‘me’ time with my record collection. Normal service will be resumed this week.

It’s the Oxfam Book Quiz tonight – I’ll probably post the questions up after so you can have a crack at it.

Enjoyed Heavy Metal Britannia this week, although the bloke from Budgie was a bit of a berk. Always good to hear the Sabs. I thought the programme’s definition of what and what isn’t metal was a bit random. Deep Purple are, Zeppelin aren’t apparently. Judas Priest are but Thin Lizzy aren’t (or maybe it’s ’cause they’re Irish), and it skipped over the last 30 years in about five minutes. Good fun, though.

As I write, I’m listening to the new Gorillaz record on the Guardian’s on-line streaming thingy. It’s pretty good – Snoop’s cool – but for me it’s Bobby Womack who steals the show. In contrast, Lou Reed and Mark E Smith sound like a couple of bemused old duffers who’ve wandered into the studio by mistake. I certainly can’t fault the sound – it’s both lush and bassy. Something to stick on my ‘to buy’ list (which is even longer than my infamous ‘to listen to’ list)

And just to prove how up to date and down wiv the kids I am, I got the Vampire Weekend record this week. Um, the first one I mean (£3 in Fopp). I know it sounds like I’ve been living in a cave, but it was the first time I’d heard them. While I like it, it wasn’t really the divine revelation that its advocates like Simon Reynolds suggest. But it’s definitely sparky and inventive, and I particular like the highlife type guitars. The percussion is a bit boxy isn’t it though?


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