EPs: LOUD AND SAD – TM_09 (Electric Tapes 2009) / TALVIHORROS – Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce (My Dance The Skull 2010)

Just a short mention of a couple of interesting EPs. First up a single track 3 inch CD recorded in Vermont in March last night by the duo Loud and Sad which consists of Joe Houpert and Nathan McLaughlin. This is a long form piano piece that stands as a kind of work in progress for their forthcoming album False Intimacy. Using two pianos and a series of effects, they’ve created a long, atmospheric piece that exists somewhere between John Cage’s prepared piano compositions, and William Basinski’s tape loop works. It’s quite abstract, and yet has a consistent atmosphere and calm centre.

Talvihorros’s Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce is a first for MMM in that it’s a C20 cassette with two untitled ten minute tracks. Talvihorros is London based Ben Chatwin, and he too has an LP imminent entitled Music In Four Movements. The tracks on this release are very filmic, with themes developing and then moving on, passages of static noise, atmospheric melody and ghostly voice samples. The second piece is particularly impressive as it emerges from some distant nightmarish swirl of looped voices into a guitar and gamelan dub.

Both of these releases are the kind of marginal mega-limited type things that have a certain kind of collector frothing at the mouth. For me, none of that’s important. It’s the music that matters and I’d recommend the pair of them.



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