Regular readers will have noticed that posts have become increasingly infrequent over the past couple of months. The main reason for this is that I have been working night shifts for the past month, and have had a lot less time to listen to new music, let alone write about it.

This has made me wonder whether I actually still have the enthusiasm to keep the blog going. With my epic singles project now done (there was no way I was going to abandon that before it finished), the way ahead is clear for a rethink about what direction to take things.

It’s more than just the blog. With a record collection of more than 4000 albums, there’s such a lot of stuff that I haven’t listened to for years, and equally loads that I will probably not listen to for years to come – if, indeed, ever. And yet 90% of what I play is new stuff, either with a view to review it or because it’s at the front of my mind, so to speak. So do I embark on a voyage of rediscovery of what I’ve got, or continue to listen to as much new stuff as I can, or try to strike a better balance than I am currently doing?

What I haven’t lost is my enthusiasm for music in general, and hearing brilliant new stuff in particular. And when you hear brilliant new stuff, you tend to want to share that with people. But I feel that things have become too structured – trying to write 200 word plus reviews on everything and trying to keep things in a framework. I need to be looser, and not be afraid to sum up things in a sentence, and equally not get into a rut of writing reviews as if they were for a published magazine. They’re not, and this is a hobby, and not a portfolio for a job application!

So from now, expect a less structured blog, but hopefully a more frequently updated one and perhaps a more inspired one.


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