New Subterminal EP and Wikio rankings

Subterminal is Leonardo Rosado, one of the brains behind the late and lamented XS label of Portugal. His new mini LP, Bright Dawn Sketches, is four tracks of melancholy drones and frosted echoes lit up with field recordings and treated instruments. The third track, Reflected Sunbeams, is particularly gorgeous with glassy piano echoes dancing like sprites on a dew-drenched summer morning. The finale, Wailing Sirens, has a slight hint of menace amongst the beauty with what sounds like the subterranean breath of some sleeping monster. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a clear summer sunrise.

The album is available as a free DL from Public Spaces Lab

On a different subject, I don’t profess to know an awful lot about how Wikio‘s rankings work. But it’s nice to see MM&M in the Top 30 UK Culture blogs for the month. Here’s the top 30:

1 A Don’s Life – Times Online WBLG (=)
2 Pepys’ Diary (+1)
3 Dovegreyreader scribbles (+1)
4 Cornflower (+2)
5 Other Stories (+3)
6 Elizabeth Baines (-4)
7 (=)
8 Harriet Devine’s Blog (+245)
9 (-4)
10 HeyUGuys (+1)
11 My Favourite Books (-1)
12 20jazzfunkgreats (+17)
13 BubbleCow (=)
14 John Baker’s Blog (+48)
15 Ben’s Bookcase (+5)
16 Philip Bloom (+2)
17 Clothes on Film (-1)
18 Stuck In A Book (+90)
19 Mark Kermode’s film blog (-10)
20 The news feed (-8)
21 Vulpes Libris (+20)
22 Blogomatic3000 (+230)
23 BBC – Introducing blog (-9)
24 Eve’s Alexandria (+2)
25 Peter Stothard – Times Online WBLG (-8)
26 Books, Mud and Compost (-11)
27 Live for Films (-8)
28 NextRead (-7)
29 Live for Films (Ent.)
30 Music Musings and Miscellany (+74)

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