One of the (few) good things about working nights is that I’ve become reacquainted with mainstream pop and dance music via night time Radio One. Every other show, from Grooverider to the Rock Show, seems to play Pendulum, a band I still can’t make my mind up about. I like their energy but the vocals are a bit too much redolent of people like Journey and Styx for me. There are a few songs, though, I’ve really connected with – Marina and the Diamonds’ Hollywood and I Am Not a Robot, I Blame Coco’s ridiculously infectious Self Machine to name but three – but best of all, mysterious US combo Cults’ Go Outside.

When I first half-heard it in the background, it reminded me of the Langley Schools Music Project mixed up with Bran Van 3000. Having listened properly half a dozen times now, there are definite elements of both. It seems to be a song about agoraphobia, and has the air of an open-air singalong. And yes, the band’s name is eerily appropriate, because there’s something about the track which gets under your skin and makes you sway and hum along like you’ve been brainwashed into some sort of rapture.

Go Outside is the lead track of a three song EP that can be downloaded for free from The other two tunes are both good too, bringing in a Shangri-las style girl group feel into the mix


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