Xarhope: Samuel Ufus’s travellers tales

Xarhope is a guy called Samuel Ufus whose ongoing project involves skipping around Europe and the Mediterranean recording impromptu improvisations with randomly met local musicians, local street sounds and then treating them with severe edits, and some pretty basic post-production looping etc. The results are definitely lively and distinctly unpolished.

Musique pour bande dessinée consists of nine short (all under two minutes) tracks recorded, for the most part, in Cairo. A couple are quiet indoor improvisations, but for the most part this is noisy and full of the life and bustle of the street, with looped shouts and whistles, general hubbub and instruments all battling against each other for attention. The sound is unashamedly lo-fi, and at first listen at sounds almost like a random racket. But there is structure at play, and melodies to be found. It’s just that Ufus is just as interested in the street life going on around him.

Have a listen – it’s a free DL from the admirable and constantly surprising Panda Fuzz imprint.


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