Autechre – Move Of Ten

It starts verging on self-parody with Etchogon-S – all a clatter of arrhythmic beats, cut ups and clutter – but Move Of Ten continues the process of détente between Autechre and those left behind by the out-there beat science of their mid-decade records.

Billed as an EP (the duo seem to have an odd notion of the definition of the EP), it nevertheless runs for 45 minutes and holds ten tracks. What’s most striking about the record is how the duo seem to have re-engaged with what is happening elsewhere on the electronic music scene instead of staying in the hermetically sealed Autechre world. There are takes on acid, dark dub, even dubstep. 4/4 rhythms are embraced rather than shunned and melodies appear designed rather than accidental.

The dub squelch of Rew could sit quite happily on a Flying Lotus record. The magnificent nth Dafuseder.b (yeah, the titles are as enigmatic as ever) is dark acid. It has a flute sample (or at least what sounds like one), surely the first time the duo have engaged with the world of conventional instruments. It also ends abruptly, as if their attention span had been breached.

M62 is another fine track. It rattles along on a Gas-like kick drum pulse while gentle micro-melodies scurry about along the surface. There is a sense of calm about the beatless ylm0 even though the crystalline drops of sound are far from still. Its followed by the grand finale Cep Puiqmix whose dark block-chords are eaten into and rotted to nothing by scratchy termites.

Following on so quickly from the brilliant Oversteps and retailing at mid-price, you would be forgiven for thinking that Move Of Ten may just be a bunch of stuff that wasn’t good enough to make the cut first time round. It’s far from the case, and continues Autechre’s always fascinating voyage into new realms of electronic music.


While on the electronica kick, I must say I was really impressed by the Breach mix on this week’s Mary Anne Hobbs show. Check it out on the iPlayer. Original and powerful stuff.


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