Night time Radio One

Tonight is my last night shift for two weeks. It’ll be good to re-engage with the world again, and not least this blog. Night time Radio One has been a big help in keeping my sanity. It’s a world away from the crass dumbness of the station when you lot are awake!

Mondays – Daniel P Carter’s Rock Show isn’t my favourite by a long shot. I like the guy, but too much of the music is characterless sludge. Mind you, there’s the odd goodie – he played Tool this week. The Punk Show does hit the mark, although it’s usually the copious number of oldies that Mike Davis plays that make me grin from ear to ear – Dead Kennedys, Discharge, Descendents, Dils, DOA – and that’s just the Ds! Bliss.

Tuesdays – two good shows. Nihal’s mix of bhangra, hip hop, grime and assorted Asian flavoured stuff is full of little gems made by people I know nothing about. Veteran Gilles Peterson sometimes comes a cropper with supper-club jazz, but always comes up with some interesting things.

Wednesdays – you either love or loathe Vic Galloway. I find him deeply annoying – it’s the earnest praise for indie-pop drivel as if it were Pulitzer Prize winning material that sticks in the craw. At least he does recognise that there is life outside of indie-pop in Scotland and plays some promising stuff from other genres. Mary Anne Hobbs is the show of the week.  Listen.

Thursdays – Kissy Sell Out is very very annoying. Fortunately he’s followed by a legend in Annie Nightingale. She loves the Chemical Brothers does our Annie, and it doesn’t take too long to find that out. But it’s a great, slightly old skool show.

Fridays – Is it me or is Pete Tong getting increasingly experimental in his old age. I reckon if he wasn’t so tied into his role as the don of dance he’d be happier doing a Hobbsian show. Trance these days goes in one ear and out the other for me. But there’s nothing to particularly dislike about Judge Jules. It’s functional. Cutski shouts a lot, but it’s not really surprising when he makes his living playing hard trance and hardcore. Despite the obvious ned connotations, I do like a bit of this stuff. The Essential Mix can be brilliant, can be shite – depends who’s on. Rob da Bank seems to have a free hand to do whatever he wants which means you never know what to expect. One show consisted entirely of a acoustic folkish campfire singalongs. But he’s just as likely to play Flying Lotus.

Saturdays – a bit colourless with the glorious exception of Grooverider’s show.

Sundays – repeats of week day shows, although between 3 and 4 you get the rotating new DJ spot and there’s an American woman who plays a solid hour of techno once a month. She’s good.

If I had to listen to shite like Real Radio, Clyde or Galaxy or any other of those fucking piss-poor commercial stations I think I’d have flipped by now.


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