Menion – Out of sound/Out of silence

Artist: Menion
Title: Out of sound/Out of silence
Label: La bèl, Italy
Details: DL. 6 tracks / 30 minutes. Free from

Menion is a guy called Stefano Ferrari. He plays guitar. Out of sound / Out of silence is a collection of six chilled tunes that combine gentle guitar plucking, washes of electronics and samples with live drums. It’s the sound of sun-kissed beaches and cloudless blue skies. Totally inappropriate for Glasgow, then.

On first listen it does tend to wash over pleasantly, but there’s more to it than 21st century easy listening music. Compostella has some glitchy and sharp angles to it, even as it glides into some effortless slide guitar, and there’s more than a hint of menace to the quiet I Love Imperfection. There are passages that do stray a bit too close to muzak, but they are thankfully few. Best track is the first. Coliazone Su Saturno is blissed out and beautiful.

Download it and hope for sunshine!


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