I’ve Lost – Dissociative Fugue

Artist: I’ve Lost
Title: Dissociative Fugue
Label: Feedback Loop, Portugal
Details: DL. 2 tracks / 29 minutes. Free download available from

I’ve Lost is the recording name of guitarist Bobby Jones. The two lengthy tracks that make up Dissociative Fugue are treated ambient pieces comprised of gently unfolding loops of shimmering guitar sound. Deep, moody and full of a sense of loss, they’re the guitar equivalent of some of William Basinski’s most bereft works. This isn’t ambience as background, but ambience as a psychotropic. Like Basinski, the effect is in the simplicity. It’s as much about what Jones chooses to leave out than what he includes. The tracks are called Absence and the Big Empty, and the titles couldn’t be more apt.

The EP is available from Feedback Loop, a new netlabel set up by Leonardo Rosado who used to be a part of the XS Records set up.


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