Artificial Sea – Unwritten

Artist: Artificial Sea
Title: Unwritten
Label: Third Person Records, USA
Details: CD. 10 tracks, 36 minutes. Available from

The Artificial Sea are a duo from Brooklyn and Pittsburgh. Kevin C Smith supplies the sounds and Alina Simone the voice. Unwritten is ten tracks of fairly laid back pop with a backdrop that runs the gamut to glitchy electronica to pastoral folkiness. Simone has a strong voice that seems ever tinged with regret. She reminds me of the Swedish singer Anna Ternheim for some reason. Perhaps it’s that similar nocturnal quality that they share.

Although the construction of the music varies considerably from track to track (variously electronic and organic with acoustic guitar, trumpet, violin etc thrown in the mix), the mood of the record is fairly homogeneous, and at times verges on the soporific. There are some very good songs, though, but they function better and stand out more played in isolation.


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