Salli Lunn – Heresy and Rite

Artist: Salli Lunn
Title: Heresy and Rite
Label: Hidden Shoal, Australia
Details: CD/DL. 8 tracks, 46 minutes. Available from
Hidden Shoal

Salli Lunn isn’t a girl (well she might be, but not in this context) but a four piece indie rock band from Copenhagen. Part stadium-era Depeche Mode, part coldwave, part Cure, part Muse, this is self-consciously epic indie with big eighties drums. It’s the sort of music that leaves me stone cold, I’m afraid. Being totally objective, there’s nothing particularly wrong with it. It’s well played and sung, has a undeniably anthemic quality that you can imagine going down well at festivals. It’s just that it’s the sort of stuff that washes over me without making any kind of impression whatsoever.


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