Dark Droid & Daito – Electric Rebirth EP

Artist: Dark Droid and Daito
Title: Electric Rebirth
Label: Patpong, Romania
Details: DL. 4 tracks, 24 minutes.
Links: Patpong Records: www.patpongrecords.com , Dark Droid: www.myspace.com/darkdroid , Daito: www.myspace.com/daito

Dark Droid and Daito are both from Liège in Belgium although they come to this project from very different backgrounds – experimental electronica and tech-house respectively. As a collaboration it may seem unlikely, but it works really well. The beats are a long way from four to the four standard dance fodder, and the overall atmosphere is dark and brooding. But this is terrific stuff. Crazy Pizzi combines scattergun rhythms with something akin to the melodic flair of early eighties OMD while there is almost a Flying Lotus kick to the busy clutter of the title track. This is an EP rich in ideas and melody. Not one for the dancefloor, but definitely a collaborative venture that the two should continue to pursue.


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