Jfrank – Walk the Static Snow

Artist: Jfrank
Title: Walk the Static Snow
Label: Brainstormlab, UK
Details: DL. 1 tracks, 38 minutes. Free download from Brainstormlab
Links: www.brainstormlab.org, www.myspace.com/julianfrank

This 38 minute track was, to quote the press release, “recorded live on the 9th of March 2010 with selected jpg tiff gif and pdf files reinterpreted by Datadada and filtered through an Access Virus TI desktop“. But to quote them again “Despite the conceptual implications of this technique the end result does not require the listener to actually give a crap as the sounds in this case speak for themselves and leave the translation entirely up to you

The end result is a fascinating exercise in noise manipulation. Despite the methodology and the title, the piece isn’t dominated by the sheets of data static you may expect. There are three (undelineated) sections – The Pulse, the Drone and the Snow. I assume that these correspond to three different files or file types. The first is harsh, scattered and fairly unforgiving. The second has drawn-out droning echoes in the background that range from something that sounds like an infinite fade of a held note to a subterranean rumble while the overtones prattle away in an alien language of squeaks and rattles. It’s the sound of being trapped in a pitch-black underworld filled with invisible threats. You can almost feel the fear as something unseen and unknown brushes past. The Snow section is unsurprisingly dominated by fizzing white noise that oscillates and breaks up into sections of vertiginous dub.

Taken as a whole, this is an almost psychedelic experience. Listen over ‘phones in the dark. And sleep well!


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