Soundpool – Mirrors In Your Eyes

Artist: Soundpool
Title: Mirrors In Your Eyes
Label: Killer Pimp, USA
Details: CD/LP. 9 tracks, 48 minutes.

Shoegaze / nu-gaze or whatever you want to call it is a scene that seems to exist in its own world away from the disapproving eyes of hipsters and critics. It also has a far greater profile in both mainland Europe and the US than it does in the UK and Ireland where its roots lie. Slowdive are still (unfairly) considered as a bit naff here whereas on other shores they are demigods along with My Bloody Valentine and Seefeel – the shoegaze Holy Trinity if you will.

On Mirrors In Your Eyes, NYC quintet Soundpool take the swirling layers of processed guitars, the swooning female vocals clad in clouds of echo and give them a disco makeover. There’s a history of this kind of music flirting with the dancefloor, of course, from the Weatherall remix of MBV’s Soon, through the hip-hop beats of Bowery Electric to the trancey stuff of Ulrich Schnauss. But as far as I’m aware, no one’s gone the whole disco kick with it before (someone at the back is shouting Arthur Russell, but that’s a bit different).

And disco it is. Most of the tunes have a basic four to the floor kick rhythm with funky bass. There are exceptions – I’m So Tired and That Sunny Day are more trip hop, with the latter track covered in layers and layers of guitars that make it contender for the MBV clone of the year award. All in all, Mirrors In Your Eyes is one of those odd LPs that sounds gorgeous and is totally engrossing when you play it, but doesn’t stay in the mind afterwards.


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