Our Ceasing Voice – Passenger Killed In Hit and Run

Artist: Our Ceasing Voice
Title: Passenger Killed In Hit and Run
Label: Wise Owl, USA
Details: CD/DL. 6 tracks, 41 minutes. Free DL, CD €6
Links: www.myspace.com/ourceasingvoice, www.myspace.com/wiseowlrecords

Austrian post-rock quartet Our Ceasing Voice first came to my attention at the beginning of 2009 with their debut EP Steadied Stars in the Morphium Sky. Although it erred slightly on the generic side, it was a promising enough start to keep me interested. The second release consists of one track (the title) from a forthcoming album called When the Headline Hit Home, two remixes, a remix of a track from the first EP and one from the new record plus one tune unavailable anywhere else.

For the lead track think Mono without the histrionics. There are soaring waves of guitar, and yet the feel is paradoxically chilled. This is even more pronounced on the Echelon Effect remix. The Jakesperiment mix of Of Lives Once Lost from the forthcoming LP is a winning mix of glitchtronica and pummelling guitars. All in all, it bodes well for the new full length record.


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