Dementia and Hope Trails – Song Of Masuka

Artist: Dementia and Hope Trails
Title: Song of Masuka
Label: Pandafuzz, USA
Details: DL. 1 track, 15 minutes. Free download

New from the ever unpredictable Pandafuzz imprint comes a single track download by the oddly monickered Dementia and Hope Trails. Song of Masuka is a twisty turny cosmic soundscape full of clipped drones and glassy echoes, ringing guitar lines and percussive electronic pulses. There are hints of early seventies space jams a la Tangerine Dream, hints of Murcof’s shimmering ouevre and even hints of the bare-wired raw electricity of Pan Sonic. And it stops dead in one of the most ham-fisted edits I’ve heard in ages. Still, it’s quite a ride before the plug gets pulled.


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