Konx-om-pax – Optimo Tracks

Artist: Konx-om-pax
Title: Optimo Tracks
Label: Display Copy
Details: CDR/DL. 4 tracks, 22 minutes

Laptop maestro Tom Scholefield aka Konx-om-pax’s first release for his label Display Copy is a pretty uncompromising and uncompromisingly unpretty four tracks of controlled noise. Entitled simply I, II and III, the first three tunes run the gamut to rumbling guitar drone and crushed drums to murky, menacing ambience to harsh cut-up and mashed feedback. While it’s not for the faint of heart, and has a real physical edge to it, it’s far from being noise-for-noise’s sake. Indeed, it is the placidity of II that gives it its menace. III’s sonic shenanigans ends at a point where it could be the slowed down sound of bat echo-location.

The fourth track is the No Fun Acid Mix of III by Carlos Giffoni who somehow conjours a Phuture-style acid track out of the sonic squeals and rumbles. Well, sort of.

The first three tunes were all originally composed as the soundtracks to short films which were first shown at Glasgow’s Sub Club in 2009, but all three work perfectly well in audio isolation. There are just 200 physical copies of this release although its also available as a download.


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