I’m a Glasgow-based music enthusiast and part-time writer with an eclectic taste that ranges from folk to dubstep, post-rock to jazz. I try to keep an open mind and am always keen to hear new things. For me, the best music looks for new ways to elicit an emotional response. People who try new things and aren’t afraid to fail are far more interesting than those who find refuge in the familiar. What bores me rigid are acts who just recycle stuff from the past without attempting to find new ways to say things—this just about sums up nearly every popular “indie” band of the last ten years. But in spite of this there’s just as much exciting music being made today as ever. Hopefully, this humble little blog will point a few ears in the direction of interesting things from both the past and present. It’s not intended to be proselytizing, just an honest reflection of my opinions and enthusiasms.


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  1. great site, thanks for that song of the day thing.Have a new remix for a band called una in l.a almost done, and some other stuff if anyone’s interested.
    all the best

  2. like dan grigson, i am also promoting. please send me your address so i may send info and updates about buddy guy, sonic youth, willie nelson and any other artists i am working with. thanks, john

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  4. Hello there
    I was desperately looking today to find the ABC figures from last Feb for music magazines and it appears you were the only place to carry them. Thanks so much. You’ve been an enormous help.

  5. I have just finished reading your article about the Glasgow School of Art degree show 09. I just wanted to contact you to say thank you for your kind words about my work, Jennifer Fergie and my partners work, Kennith Creanor. We appreciated both being mentioned in yor review as we are greatful for any feedback.

  6. Nice work on the ABCs figures – very helpful.
    If you are interested in receiving info about the DJ Awards please drop me a line at cila@djawards.com. The Awards are held in Ibiza on 24 Sept and a lot of your favourite labels are represented among the nominees.


  7. Thank you very much for your review on my album! I really appreciate that you went through all the songs and I’m trully flattered that you even mentioned Way Out West and Chicane in the same article…Great site!

  8. Hey Dez,
    I just stumbled across your site while looking into “Haz.” Totally agree about their mini LP by the way. Anyways, I started by reading about them and then read on for literally hours – found a lot of great new music (new to me). Anyways, I saw that the blog hasn’t been updated in quite a while. I was wondering if you would be interesting in having someone else take it over? E-mail me if you are. I would love to keep the legacy going :)

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